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Wednesday, 08 June 2016 08:47

Life With God

Written by With God

With God. Without God.


In the movie Knight and Day, a romantic action comedy, Tom Cruise plays a spy, Roy Miller, who is trying to clear his name, while Cameron Diaz’s character, June Havens, finds herself inadvertently caught up in his chaos. (See the trailer at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1013743/.)

June is ready to go back home and continue the mundane life she had before meeting Roy, so she tells him that staying with him is too dangerous, and turning herself in to the authorities is safer. Roy puts his hand up high and says, “With me,” then lowers his hand, and says, “Without me.” [video clip]

This gesture signifies that she will have a much better chance of staying alive if she stays with Roy.

Not only is this movie very funny, but that particular scene made me think of how my life was without God.

 Without God, I felt insecure and unprotected.
With God, I was guided and directed.
Without God, I was so often frightened.
With God, I became enlightened.
Without God, sickness abounded.
With God, health resounded.
Without God, anger was my tool.
With God, no longer was I a fool.


I’d like to thank the writer of Knight and Day, Patrick O’Neil, for being so clever and using that idea in his script. If we could all have a character like Roy Miller in our lives, to protect us and take us on an adventure, that would be great, but since most of us don’t have a Roy Miller, we can choose an even better protector, God.

I have chosen my Knight and “with Him,” all has most definitively improved. As Luke wrote in chapter 1:7, “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” (KJV)


KJV-King James Version

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